Vistara Yoga
Vistara Yoga
Expansion of the mind, body and soul
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Hanumanasana in Tramuntana mountains

Hanumanasana in Tramuntana mountains

Yoga in Stroud


My name is Yuliya Andrews

Ever since I was a little girl I searched for a deeper meaning of life and my existence. Growing up in an atheist family it wasn’t an easy task. Although my parents never opposed it at the same time they couldn’t help me either, I lacked guidance and advice. I went from churches to Reiki healings, Buddhist retreats and as much as I enjoyed certain practices and philosophies nothing stayed with me permanently.  It wasn’t until 2 years ago (at the age of 34) that I found what I was searching for. After having my first baby I suffered from severe physical pain as well as feeling emotionally drained. My back particularly was in a bad way, painful trapped nerves in my neck and chest region sometimes were extremely excruciating. After endless osteopath and shiatsu healing sessions I decided to take matters into my own hands and started practicing yoga. Being a full time mum of an infant meant I didn’t have the luxury of time to attend yoga classes so I found tutorials online and started practicing at home. Very quickly it became the practice that not only remedied my body but remedied my soul. Whilst my body grew stronger my mind grew calmer. Little did I know that yoga will have such a profound influence on my life, making me reassess my values and look deeper within myself.

I’ve been trying to become vegan for years but coming from a massive meat eating Eastern European culture I found that transition particularly hard. Last October I had a terrible virus which led to pneumonia. Whilst going through that dreadful illness I literally had a moment of epiphany. I simply knew I had to give up meat and dairy and just like that I became vegan. It was the single best decision I ever made. I strongly believe it was yoga working through me and helping me to make right choices.

My husband has been my rock all along supporting me on my yoga journey; in fact he’s the one who encouraged me take the Yoga Teacher Training course. Seeing my passion and dedication he said I found my true path and I had to pursue it for which I’ll be forever grateful to him. I am now certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). I completed my Course with the Himalayan Yoga Institute which specialises in Ashtanga Yoga, a version of Raja Dhiraja , which is a highly comprehensive  form of yoga, the most complete system of self-development known today and is based on the original Ananda  Marga system for all-round individual and collective development.

My purpose and drive is to be able to put my experience into practice and to help other people who need physical, emotional, spiritual guidance. You don't have to be flexible, fit or young to start yoga it's never too early or too late and all you need to have is yoga mat and your body .

I offer variety of classes : Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, corporate yoga and private sessions. 

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